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PwC Campus to serve as new head office in Brussels

Innovation and workplace experience to be the focal point

Early 2022, PwC Belgium will move to a brand new main building in Diegem. The building will have a surface area of 28,000 square metres, be 12 floors high, have many green terraces and be built using eco-friendly materials. An office of the future, but above all an office by and for our people.

“The new location was selected on the basis of an internal survey PwC carried out”, explains Axel Smits, Chairman of PwC Belgium. “Our staff want an office that is in the Zaventem area, easy to reach and tailored to their needs. Mobility and ‘quality of work’ are the key focus points. With ‘Care’ as one of the most important values of PwC, this location offers greater comfort and will really support employee wellbeing.”

Sustainable materials will be used in the construction of the building to further reduce the firm’s ecological footprint. The PwC Campus in Diegem will be complemented by a hub in the centre of Brussels, which will be easy to reach for clients and colleagues that live and work in the city.

The PwC Campus - for which PwC will partner with Ghelamco - will also include around 5,000 square meters of MeetDistrict, an innovative co-working environment that’s set up as a professional village by Ghelamco. This combination will further add to the dynamics, resulting in a vibrant and interactive atmosphere.

“I’m excited by this development and what it means for the future of our firm,” says Axel Smits, Chairman of PwC Belgium.  “Although this project requires a significant investment, it contributes to who we are and who we want to be. Life changes continuously, and so does the way we work with colleagues and clients. Being innovative and forward-looking is a central aspect of our daily work for clients, so it’s only logical that we apply these strengths in other areas. We’re convinced that in Ghelamco we’ve found the right partner, which not only understands our needs today, but also tomorrow.”

According to Michael Gheysens of Ghelamco, “This development will set a new standard in future office experience. The campus will be a synergetic environment in which flexible spaces will be clustered around a wide array of amenities, thereby contributing to the new demand for social interactive spaces.” “We’re proud to develop PwC’s new Campus here in Brussels”, adds Sam Vossen of Ghelamco. “PwC has very particular requirements for this building. We’ll make this a human centric project, using the latest technologies in order to ensure this becomes a state of the art and future-proof building.”

The project should be completed in the beginning of 2022.

Caroline De Wolf Communications Director, PwC Belgium
Sam Vossen Commercial Director, Ghelamco
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